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Great post, Bill!

I've been wanting a device like this for some time, and thought long and hard about buying an N-Gage. The world of cell phones is very forbidding to folks like me who are just now getting into them--so many models and incompatible plans and features. I'm also always afraid I'll get a surprise bill for $50,000 because I left the darn thing on somehow.

My cell phone (a basic Samsung SCH-a670 camera phone) supposedly has world wide web capabalities, but it's text-only and, quite frankly, a sad joke. I was stunned at how difficult it is to "surf" with this device and do even basic internet chores. I have a few games for it, but one of them (Might and Magic) has a nasty bug that won't let you get very far into the game. I tried contacting customer service to no avail. Bahhh...

Still, it seems to me that cell phones have one major advantage when it comes to portable gaming: You would be carrying them anyway. I don't like to carry stuff in my pockets (I almost didn't buy my Volkswagen Passat just because it comes with those giant electronic keys). If I'm going to have a giant bulge in my pocket--well, I won't go there. Anyway, for the same reason I haven't ever really considered buying a portable gaming device. I can just hear myself in the morning--"Oh, okay, keys, wallet, cell phone, PSP..." Yeah, that's not going to happen. On the other hand, I have to bring my cell phone with me, so it'd be nice if it could do double-duty. Indeed, I wish it could somehow be used as a key so I could get rid of that darn Volkswagen brick!

Do you find it awkward using this thing to talk? It's hard to tell from the photo how you'd put this thing to your ear. Or do you have to use a bud? Also: How easy is it to use the keyboard?



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