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A History of Gaming Platforms - The Vectrex - Loguidice and Barton

Hey, guys, just a heads-up, the second article in the series from the book, this one on the GCE/Milton Bradley Vectrex, has been posted by Gamasutra:

If you're interested, as a special bonus, here are four images they chose not to include in the article:

01 - Vectrex
01 - GCE's Vectrex.

04 - spinball_overlay
04 - The color overlay for Spinball.

09 - armor_attack_in_action_w_overlay
09 - Armor Attack in action, with color overlay.

13 - skin
13 - Not just the domain of modern consoles anymore, the Vectrex now has its own high quality, limited edition custom skin from Michele Fiori based on the homebrew Protector and Y.A.S.I. games.

The next one up will be the Apple II, which I think will be the best yet. Enjoy!


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