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Will the Wii Bring Back Adventure Gaming?

David Taylor of Gaming Target has an interesting article up about whether the Wii can save adventure gaming. Taylor's argument is that the Wii's much-discussed controller setup makes it ideal for point-and-click adventure games like the beloved Gabriel Knight, Sam & Max, Space Quest, and Tex Murphy series. Furthermore, a slew of top-quality adventure games might distinguish the Wii further from the FPS-heavy competition imposed by the 360 and PS3. While I'm not sure that the adventure game "needs saving" (there are still plenty of adventure games released for the PC every year via The Adventure Company, and Cyan's latest Myst entry was only last year!), I would like to see the genre better represented in the console market. I could even see some unique puzzles based on the Wii's controller; perhaps a door could be opened only by tracing a certain pattern in the air, or perhaps a game could feature a magic system based on a similar scheme.

I know I'd be more likely to spring for a Wii if I knew it offered adventure games that made intelligent use of the unit's unique control setup.


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