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When Is Enough Enough?

How much is too Much?
A hobby playing and collecting video-games can get out of control or kept in check. How much of your space will you allow your hobby to take up? A shelf? A cabinet? A room? A house? A small town or country? For all of us it is different, this video shows what my stance is on my own personal situation.

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Matt Chat 183: Joel Billings and SSI's Rise

In the second part my interview with Joel Billings, founder of SSI, we chat about his company's growth and publishing strategy. During this period, SSI was publishing games from third-parties such as Questron and Phantasie, before doing some in-house work with Wizard's Crown.

You can download the mp4 here.

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Your Top-10 Favorite Gaming Moments

After watching one of Marks latest videos, it got me thinking about some of my favorite video gaming memories. We're all getting older- a point driven home every time I notice the yellowing of the boxes on my older games.. and it suddenly dawned on me just how much gaming history I've actually lived through.

So.. anyway. The point is, we all have gaming moments that we hold dear.. Not necessarily because they relate to amazing games... sometimes it's the people, events or times that those memories are attached to..

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Commodore World 2012 Videos Online

I admit I've been out of touch on the Commodore scene for a while... basically because my system finally smoked. :( Still, I figured I would throw this link out to interested parties..

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Matt Chat 182: Chris Taylor's Confession

Here it is, the Matt Chat to end all Matt Chats! Gas Powered Games' latest project, Wildman: An Evolutionary Action RPG, hasn't been going well, and Chris blames himself. In this hour-long interview, we see Chris at times sad, grateful, guilty, and brilliant. Without doubt, he's a Good Person, someone that nobody should want to see fail regardless of the project he takes on. What makes the situation worse, though, is that Wildman actually looks like a great game, especially for folks like me who love Civilization-style tech building. Check out the video, and don't forget to pledge a few dollars to the Kickstarter campaign. Every little bit helps.

You can download the mp4.

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Matt Chat 181: Joel Billings on Computer Bismarck

Here's the first part of my interview with Joel Billings, founder of SSI and strategy wargame aficionado. We focus on Joel's background in wargaming and video games and then the earliest days of SSI and their battles with Avalon Hill.

You can download the video here.

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I nominated Mark and Matt

A fellow Youtuber is having a 1000th subscriber contest. You must name 5 OTHER fellow youtubers that you enjoy and so:


Check out and respond to original video HERE:

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Matt Chat 180: The Longest Journey

I'm back this week with The Longest Journey, a game proposed by Crow of Retro Road Show. While the game suffers from a very slow start, if you can get through the first couple hours you'll be rewarded with one of the best game narratives ever.

Download the mp4.

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Matt Chat 179: Dave Marsh on FMV and More

In the fourth and final installment of my interview with Dave Marsh, we talk about a variety of topics including his later FMV games (including MTV's Club Dead), AOL-era MMOs (Starship Troopers Online, Aliens Online), and finally, his thoughts on getting a good job in the industry.

You can download the video here.

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Kickstarter for another handheld / emulation gaming device, BUT WAIT!

I too thought here we go yet ANOTHER handheld portable emulation gaming device! YAWN, Well I don't blame you, that was
my initial reaction as well BUT I have been following this one since Qberaddict1 got a Beta unit and has been doing videos on itm each video got me more and more interested, not an ANDROID device just a pure dedicated emulation and classic gaming handheld which again is nothing new in itself
except I really think that this one might actually hit the magic sweet spot balance between PRICE / FEATURES / PERFORMANCE, because I know there are some good developers already working on it, a lot of well performing emulation has already appeared and they are still being optimized and updated even now. Take it from me as someone who was very skeptical of the recent NEO GEO X as being nothing but a cash in by SNK by licensing a cheap Dingoo like device (this being even truer that I guessed as the device gets disassembled and hacked) to one who has not been impressed by offerings from Sega / SNK and don't even get me started on all the cruddy NES on a chip clones, I have been very impressed with everything I have seen and heard thus far when it comes to the GCW ZERO. Now I know this community, been here long enough so I will pretty much leave it at that, I leave it to you to watch the video and check out the kickstarter info HERE:

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