Retro Computer Gaming World Issues Online!

Though their selection is random and incomplete, Find Articles features over 10,000 magazine and academic journal articles archived online, many of them for free. Surprisingly, one of the magazines featured is Computer Gaming World, which was once one of the best written computer gaming magazines out there.

Other gaming magazines featured are Xbox Nation, Game Now, and Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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Mario Active Desktop

Mario Active DesktopMario Active DesktopSomeone named "Shadow" has created a really neat active desktop for Windows based on Mario. It's animated and actually lets you manipulate a few things, but it's technically unfinished. It took about five minutes to download it and get it running on my own desktop, and I think it looks nice! Apparently, it's using Javascript to get the animations and interactive parts working.

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Where the Customer is Always Gullible: GameStop (+ Amazing Ping Pong)

Fight the Power.Fight the Power.I've got some fun stuff to put on your queue this morning. First, read this story about a mangled high-pressure sales tactic at a Louisiana GameStop (did you know I was from Louisiana?). Sadly, I've encountered "porcine" salesmen like this at plenty of other software stores, including Best Buy and Circuit City ("No, I do NOT want a mega-extended super warranty or a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.") Come to think of it, Radio Shack is pretty bad about the high-pressure stuff, too. They need my mailing address why? When's the last time you had a "helpful associate" try to load you up with overpriced junk? Worse yet, how many times have you let your excitement over a purchase swing you into actually complying with his or her evil wishes?

Retro Gaming Hacks is Worth a Look

I just finished reading Chris Kohler's new book Retro Gaming Hacks and I have to say I enjoyed it a good deal. Topics range from how to run a variety of emulators on your PC to how to do introductory level programming for the GBA. While a lot of the information is rather basic, I learned a few things about older consoles and PCs from the book.

The writing in here is noticeably better than in Kohler's other book, Power Up!, though part of this might be because large portions of the book are written by other contributors. Kohler's writing is more confident and has a nice playful tone that is not unlike the style of writing done for this very site.

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Update on Robot Kits, Robot Books and Robot Toys

Berzerk from Stern Electronics (Arcade, 1982): Hopefully when the robots really do try to take over, we'll be able to move and shoot at the same timeBerzerk from Stern Electronics (Arcade, 1982): Hopefully when the robots really do try to take over, we'll be able to move and shoot at the same timeBoy, the robot information seems to keep coming. Soon enough, we'll all have robot overlords to serve. In any case, for now, check out this newsletter update from, with lots of interesting new and compiled information for enthusiasts of computers, robots and technology:

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Rand Miller on Myst Uru and GameTap

GamaSutra has an interview up with Rand Miller, co-architect of the famous Myst series. The interview seems to be an effort to grab some free publicity for Cyan's new project--resurrecting Myst Uru for live play via GameTap. I'm not sure what to expect, but judging from the project's homepage, Cyan has big plans...And I hope things work out well for them.

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Games and Metaphors: Deep Thoughts by Eric-Jon Rossel Waugh

Every now and then I find a true gem on the net--more than just some tidbit about a new piece of hardware or some developer ranting about the lack of innovation in modern gaming. When I find something like Culture: Games and Metaphor, I like to slow down and really see what the author is trying to get across. Waugh's point in this essay is to get us to think about metaphors--specifically, metaphors in games and how they relate to the real world as well as the game world. He also talks about how the videogame industry has essentially been inbreeding for a few decades, rehashing and making questionable "progress" as it attempted to "revolutionize" the previous generations' hardware and games: Ever since Super Mario Bros. came out, basically all we've done is build on it. Waugh would like to see a revolution in game metaphors--rather than merely point back to earlier games, it's time to start thinking sensisbly about a new kind of metaphor, one that functions like great metaphors in books and films. Waugh uses a number of great examples to illustrate his points, including several from classics like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

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Ultima Week at GameTap - True RPG's Given Their Due

GameTap for PCGameTap for PCThe GameTap service is at it again, going all "vintage" this and "classic" that on us and simply requiring our undivided attention. Richard Garriott, Ultima, Origin, all things a classic gamer simply can't resist. Here's the full press release (and ignore the line "many hardcore gamers still consider Ultima 1 to be the birth of the role playing game as we know it" - Garriott's own "Akalabeth" (AKA "Ultima 0"), though primitive, would be more appropriate):

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Best of Armchair Arcade, Issues 1 - 8, Volume I, DISCUSSION

Best of Armchair Arcade
Issues 1 - 8, Volume I
(color cover, b&w interior, not to exceed ~100 pages)

(Rough Draft of Pages, in Order Follows)

Color Cover

Legal Page

Table of Contents

Issue 1 Cover

1 - A Treatise on Videogames
by Matthew D. Barton
2 - Atari - A Tale of Two Systems Part I: Atari 5200 and Atari 7800
by Bill Loguidice
3 - Game Packaging - A Look to the Past When Treasures Beyond the Game Were Within the Box

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VecVoxX Developer and 3D Imager for the GCE Vectrex Now Shipping from Pre-order

madtronix's Incredible New 3D Color Imager for GCE's Vectrex: {Image from the madtronix Website}madtronix's Incredible New 3D Color Imager for GCE's Vectrex: {Image from the madtronix Website}Great news! After countless months of waiting after pre-ordering and pre-paying at a veritable steal of a price, my VecVoxX Developer and 3D Imager are shipping for the GCE Vectrex, the only home vector-based videogame system ever released.

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