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The Hot New Trend - Sony Bashing and its Effects on the PSP

Sony PSPSony PSPI was thinking about the relentless Sony bashing of late, which has been brought upon in big part by Sony themselves. Frankly, they have certain company representatives who simply can't help but mouth off in the most inane manner with a ridiculous amount of bravado and disregard for basic common sense. To put it bluntly, no one likes the 800-pound gorilla (especially in America, we prefer to root for the perceived underdog, justified label or not) or the "dick", and Sony has been both for some time now.

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New Memory Expansion for Amiga 600 is announcing a new memory expansion for the Amiga 600 computer. It doubles the 600's ram to 2 MEGs and costs 28 pounds (approx $78 according to my calculations).

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Playing Cloning Clyde for Xbox Live Arcade - Xbox 360

Cloning Clyde character montageCloning Clyde character montageWell, Xbox Live Arcade's new release Wednesday yesterday offered up its second game for the Xbox 360 after Frogger 25th Anniversary, Cloning Clyde. Obviously unlike many of the games on the release list, Cloning Clyde is not based off a classic arcade property, but is instead its own entity.


Last winter a very interesting PSP title was release in Japan with the name "Baito Hell 2000." It's a collection of very odd mini-games which if you completed correctly you "earn" money. With the money you "earned" you're able to unlock more mini-games and real life tools such as a Ramen timer. From looking at the weird mini-games a chance to bring Baito Hell 2000 to the US was slim. Now D3 Publishing of America is bringing the title to the US as "WTF." WTF actually means "WorkTimeFun," and the title fits with the theme very well. ;) According to D3 Publishing of America, noting from American version of WTF will be removed (in other words D3 is only translating the game to English, noting else).

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GameTap Updated - Classic Gaming Multiplayer and More

GameTap for PCGameTap for PCI keep reporting on these guys like some type of corporate shill, but I think it's hard to argue with the monthly value and the service's focus on classic gaming, now taking small steps towards mulitplayer goodness. Really, when my time permits, I simply must give this a try. I'd like to implement on my regular PC and my arcade machine, so hopefully there's a way without me having to choose one system over another (I'd be using only one at a time and there's no way I'd pay twice).

Anyway, here's the press release:

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Alpine Games bonus and L y n x Reloaded multi-carts now available for Atari L y n x

Alpine Games Screenshot - Single EventAlpine Games Screenshot - Single EventThe well-reviewed modern homebrew for the Atari L y n x, Apline Games, as well as L y n x Reloaded are now available in a limited manner from Carl Forhan and Songbird Productions. Many of you will remember my interview and feature on Carl and Songbird Productions in a past issue of Armchair Arcade.

From Carl:

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Classic Computer Magazine Archive - 10th Anniversary

It looks like the invaluable online magazine resource, Classic Computer Magazine Archive is celebrating it's amazing 10th anniversary by releasing a ton of new content for public consumption.

From Kevin Savetz:

July 27 will be the 10th anniversary of the Classic Computer Magazine
Archive ( In celebration, today we're announcing

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The Search for Retrogaming Booty

Commodore 128: Would you buy this for $20?Commodore 128: Would you buy this for $20?Arikhan of Destructoid has a fun post up about why he enjoys retrogaming. Most of his reasons seem centered on the rather dismal situation of his pocketbook, though he cites other factors as well--more original music, a calming look to the 8-bit graphics, and simpler controls. Normally, something like this wouldn't be very interesting, but he adds one dimension that I hadn't thought of before (but now realize is one of the reasons I enjoy retrogaming): The Hunt. How much of your devotion to retrogaming stems from scavenging in dusty bargain bins and used game shops--not to mention classifieds and ebay--for treasures?


Most freeware software can either be great, or horrible. Kenta Cho, the man who runs ABA Games has created many great freeware software. While most of his creations are 2D shmups (and by the way they're all great), his Tempest-inspired Torus Trooper is a must play for all Tempest fans.

Shmup fans would also really want to check out TUMIKI Fighters for its intesting gameplay elements and art style.

ABA Games

Carpal Tunnel Craziness

Adam "The Fly" LaMosca recently wrote Aches, Pains, Aging, and Gaming an excellent essay for Gamers with Jobs. It deals with the physical side effects of gaming, focusing on carpal tunnel in particular.

Here's a sample:

It gets me thinking. I'm only 32 years old but sometimes my body protests and complains in ways it never did before. The afflictions of the aged once seemed an impossibility, yet now, as my parents buy reading glasses and take longs walks instead of jogging, I realize that I'm just a single generation removed from those everyday ailments that rearrange peoples' lives. I consider such things as hyperopia and arthritis and the inevitable slowing of body and perhaps mind and I wonder, will I always play games?

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