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A USB Powerglove?

FourScore: USB-retrofitted NES FourScore gameport extender. Where else will you find one?FourScore: USB-retrofitted NES FourScore gameport extender. Where else will you find one?How'd you like to have a USB Powerglove? Now's your chance. Retrozone is offering a whole slew of USB-fitted retro NES gear, including the NES PowerPad and even the Advantage. Of course, you can also get the classic controller or a retrokit to adapt your own NES controller. Looks like vital necessities for the serious NES emulator. Link via Gizmodo.

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Acorn is Back!

Acorn BBC Micro: An ad for the BBC Micro. Source: WikipediaAcorn BBC Micro: An ad for the BBC Micro. Source: Wikipedia Unfortunately, I don't have any experience and very little knowledge of Acorn Computers, the company responsible for such venerable British machines as the Atom and BBC Micro. Well, perhaps I'll get my chance behind an Acorn after all: The company is rolling out a line of Notebook PC's. There isn't much info yet about these machines, but I suspect the only thing unique about them will be the brand name. I know I'd still like to have a Commodore branded laptop! Link via Engadget.

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Cleaning Up AA

In an effort to protect us against future hacks, I've done the following: (a) Applied all available patches for e107. We really need to dump this site soon and start using neo. I suggest archiving it and making it available as static HTML pages. This will make security much easier. (b) Put unused stuff in the trash can via cpanel. You guys might look there to make sure there's nothing in the trash that we need to keep. I found something called "shopping cart," "phptest," and "test chat." I can't remember what these are, but I put them in the trash for now. If we need them, I can always restore them. If not, let's delete them. (c) I changed the perms on various folders to restrict other people from mucking with them. Again, I'm not exactly sure how the turks did it, but it seems like they hacked our FTP passwords and replaced the files there. What's weird about this is that anonymous FTP is turned off via cpanel. So, somehow they guessed our passwords.

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Get your Gameboy Cufflinks!

Nintendo Gameboy Cufflinks: Why didn't you think of these?Nintendo Gameboy Cufflinks: Why didn't you think of these?I know what you're thinking...How did I possibly live without these babies for so long? Well, the wait is over. Get your Gameboy Color Color Cufflinks from Ahchay's Etsy Shop today. However, I might warn you: These will, in all probability, seriously crimp your suave 007 style. Unfortunately, they aren't playable. Well, perhaps that's not so unfortunate.

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My Status

Bill recently posted about his status, so I thought I'd do the same. Cecil and I have been working on the site, trying to work out the few remaining bugs and get things up to snuff on a systems-level. Drupal just released the official 4.7, and Cecil is working on updating the site to the new specs. Hopefully, this update will fix the annoying double log in nonsense.

Meanwhile, this is my last week of school, so I will soon have plenty of free time to work on everyone's ideas for improving the look of the site. What I want to do first is really bear down and make sure I thoroughly understand the CSS and PHPTEMPLATE system. I'm tired of tinkering with it; I want to understand it. Afterwards, I intend to work on some new templates (and I'll be passing on requests for graphics and such as I find a need for them) to the team. When I've got all these finalized, perhaps we can select the very best one for the default (but, heck, if the others are good, we could always leave them available as options).

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Testing Image and Img Assist Module

Simon the Sorcerer: Pits of Rondor.Simon the Sorcerer: Pits of Rondor.All right...I'm just testing this out. Looks like there are some major CSS problems here. Also--apparently the system only accepts JPGs for now. I couldn't get bmps or pngs to work...Checking into it. Also, the inline bit isn't working...text maybe now it works? This is pretty strange.

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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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Lure of the Temptress

Lure of the Tempress: Screenshot from the first part of Lure of the Temptress, dialogue screen.Lure of the Tempress: Screenshot from the first part of Lure of the Temptress, dialogue screen.

Lure of the Temptress was the debut of a new British GAG developer called Revolution Software. The game appeared in 1992, the same year Lucas Arts released its classic Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and two years after The Secret of Monkey Island and Loom. Around the same time, Sierra was releasing the fifth installment of King's Quest. In short, Lure was part of what we might call the early "Golden Age" of GAGs, when a few major companies were putting out very innovative work--but when a smaller company like Revolution (or Cyberdreams with their Darkseed game) was still able to make their presence felt with an innovative title. Lure was (and remains) a popular title for the Amiga platform, and even the DOS version I played had an Amiga-like quality to the graphics.

Lure's big gimmick is an engine called "Virtual Theater." Revolution describes this innovation on their website:

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Simon the Sorcerer

Simon the Sorcerer is one of those games that has been on my backlist for quite some time.

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