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Tron + Atari Flashback 2 = Tron 2600

Encom Case Mod: Russ Caslis's Tron 2600 Atari Flashback 2 case mod.Encom Case Mod: Russ Caslis's Tron 2600 Atari Flashback 2 case mod.If you love classic Atari and Tron, then I have a nice treat for you today. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Russ Caslis, a PC case modder, about his latest project: Tron 2600, a special case modification for the Atari Flashback 2. The finished box looks like the "Encom Corporate Case" from the movie Tron. Caslin really had some fun with this project and has put together a very nice website with illustrations--I suggest you check it out.

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Barton's Review of "Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within"

Gabriel Knight 2Gabriel Knight 2"Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within" is an interesting game for many reasons. For one thing, it's one of the first games to incorporate full-motion video, and it does so effectively. Unlike Sierra's other pioneering CD-ROM project, "Phantasmogoria" or Trilobyte's "The 7th Guest," GK2 is still winning over new players today. The reasons are clear: GK2 has all the eyecandy of the other games, plus great characters, good drama, an interesting storyline, and challenging (yet not unsolvable) puzzles.

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Blogging for Armchair Arcade

Several people are asking about the blogging features here at Armchair Arcade. Basically, the way we've been talking about this site is that most of the interaction will consist of comments on blogs and articles (once we get the issues up). Things are running a bit slowly during this beta phase, but we plan to have at least one new blog post up per day (probably two or three once things get rolling). Since we knew there would be lots of demand for a general chit-chat area, we decided to include forums on the new site. If you just want to talk informally about something unrelated to a blog post, the forums are ideal.

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DS vs. PSP: Look it up, folks...

Nintendo DS: Don't buy this.Nintendo DS: Don't buy this.I just saw something pretty funny over at Kotaku: The DS Sucks Folks, Look it up! I haven't seen this guy before, but apparently he's Jonathan Harchick, and he's been doing his Talking With Jon show since 2002. It's a pretty terrible show, yet at the same time, there's something oddly compelling about it. At any rate, it's worth a few chuckles, and will probably remind you all-too-well of some dork down the street who thinks he knows gaming.

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Nintendo: Sony, Quit Coppin' Our Style!!

PS3 Motion Sensor: Sony's Sensing GamePadPS3 Motion Sensor: Sony's Sensing GamePadIf there's one thing that's gotten a lot of chatter on the net about the Wii (well, besides the name), it's that unique and very promising controller. Sony was obviously listening to the excitement and announced a motion-sensing feature in its new PS3 controller. David Yarnton of Nintendo UK isn't happy about Sony's plans to release a new "motion-sensing controller." To wit: "I don't know what [Sony's] decision making process is but I think if you look back, any innovation that has come in gameplay has come from us." Ouch! Perhaps Nintendo should announce some totally bogus new gameplay innovation, such as cold fusion, and see what happens at Sony...

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Console-Style Packaging for PC Games

New PC Package: IEMA's new look for PC game packaging.New PC Package: IEMA's new look for PC game packaging. Console gamers have seemingly always had it easy when shopping for games: The games for each console tend to come in very uniform, easily-identifiable boxes. PC gamers have seldom had such uniformity. Of course, here at AA, we consider the packages game come in a subject of no small significance. Nowadays, of course, most games come with little more than a small cardboard box and a CD-liner (most of us here can remember the shift from shelf-hogging large boxes to much smaller boxes just a few years ago). Well, now an organization called IEMA is trying to further standardize PC game boxes so that they can be identified as easily as games for consoles. You can read all about the new packaging in this PDF.

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Trilobyte's "7th Guest" (1993)

7th Guest Book Shot: Here's a shot from the introduction to The 7th Guest. Note the "blurring of genres" here with the storybook--Myst took the exact same approach.7th Guest Book Shot: Here's a shot from the introduction to The 7th Guest. Note the "blurring of genres" here with the storybook--Myst took the exact same approach.The 7th Guest is a graphical adventure game developed by Trilobyte and released in 1993 by Virgin. It was one of the first commercial games to ship only on CD-ROM, and certainly one of the first to really showcase the potential of the new storage medium. Trilobyte loaded the game with hundreds of megabytes worth of fully-rendered 3-D graphics, live-action video clips, and digitized audio, and topped it all off with some pretty clever puzzles and music by The Fat Man. Unfortunately, The 7th Guest is interesting now only from a historical perspective, the wizardry of its graphics and sound long overshadowed by newer PC technology.

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India Raising Army of Killer Robots

Killer Robots: The robots are coming...Don't be helpless!Killer Robots: The robots are coming...Don't be helpless!There's some buzz on the net today about India's plan to raise an army of robots. What's really scary about this is how much the USA has come to rely on India's tech structure. I'm guessing that a great deal of our most sophisticated science R&D is outsourced to Bangalore. However, I'm pretty sure our kids have more experience playing first person shooters, so when war is announced, we'll be ready to take on these robots with our BFGs.

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Topics and Free Tagging Explained

Hi, guys. I noticed Bill was having some problems with the "topic" feature and free tags, so I really think I should probably try to explain how they work. The principle is that instead of having a set of pre-defined tags to choose from (ps3, nintendo, commodore), you get to create your own tags. You simply enter them into the "topic" bar and separate them with commas: Ex: "commodore, nintendo, games" or "windows, macintosh, gui." You should always use lowercase so that we don't end up with two tags like Macintosh and macintosh.

If someone already has entered the tag or one very similar, it should show up when you enter it into the topic. You should choose the pre-existing tag if one exists.

Furthermore, you don't have to select a topic. You can just select a TYPE, such as admin discussion, and not worry about it. However, they are free, so I'd suggest using as many tags as you think will apply to your post.

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