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Middle Aged Gamer's Collection #2,#3,#4

#2 Combat, #3 Video Pinball, #4 Kaboom! (Atari 2600)

1970's TV games allowing the family to play Pong was one thing, the Atari 2600 was something different altogether. It still delivered the "family playing together" experience (indeed many first gen titles have no 1 player mode and quite a few offer 4 player modes) but now there was a whole library of games to choose from. It was the first truly programmable console and required you to plug in a cartridge - each one delivering a unique game (at least in theory!) The early days of the 2600 were about the family playing together - and nothing like it was really seen again until the Wii came along.

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Middle Aged Gamer's Collection #1

Raiden Trad advertisementRaiden Trad advertisement#1 Raiden Trad (Mega Drive/Genesis)

For those of a certain age, Space Invaders conjures up many memories. Arcades used to have rows of Space Invaders machines - those big dark rooms lit only by the glow of the screens hugged you and made you feel part of something. The success of Space Invaders resulted in a great many games of that type being created; and for some time the vast majority of video games were of the "shooting" type. Indeed "Space Invaders" is still the generic name for video games used by some of the older uninitiated population. A genre was born when Space Invaders arrived and its a type of game I still love.

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A middle-aged gamer's collection

I'm a forty-something person who plays quite a lot of video games. I'm of an age when common consensus dictates that I should be doing something like playing Golf instead; but I don't - even though I'd like to take that particular pastime up (watch this space). I'm also of the age that means I was at a very impressionable age when video games first appeared on the scene.

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Breaker Pro for Playstation

Got myself this non-invasive mod for my Playstation. It comes with a boot disc and three odd little widgets for enabling disc swapping on both PS1 models and the PS2.

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got a Kindle

Was given a Kindle for Christmas - its the 2nd gen one that is available in the UK. The display is glorious - absolutely incredible. My wife put a couple of novels on it as part of the gift and I'm test driving this device by reading one of them. All I can say is that I'm enjoying the novel ("The Pawn") - the device isn't getting in the way of the experience which is really what it is all about.

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2600 homebrew ordered

I have ordered Medieval Mayhem from the Atari Age shop. Was torn between that and Thrust+ but the opportunities for multi-player and the fact that I have two sets of paddles swung it for me.

I'll post a review here - though for those in the know it will be redundant such is the reputation this game has.....

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Just got Retro Gamer Collection Vol. 3

The UK magazine Retro Gamer will from time to time publish anthology editions - containing what seems to be the "best of" a set of previous editions. Usually I stay away from these but I have just got vol. 3 of this. It weighs in at 256 pages and costs £10 - but may be a good way of collecting this magazine if not a UK resident as each issue costs around £6.

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Let's Tap (Sega) for Wii

This is the sort of game I am making a point of supporting. For the uninitiated, this is a 5 mini-game compliation where the player controls everything by tapping. The Wii remote is put on a box (any will do - tissue, chocolate(candy) and you tap the box - the remote picks up the vibes and can differentiate from 3 levels of hardness.

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Punch Out & Bit Trip Beat

Recently acquired these two games and they are a perfect example of old game concepts made new with a dose of modern tech. Normally I'm not a fan of this type of thing but it proves the oft-made point that it can work.

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Slightly concerned

I am posting here with a slight concern - it is about the content of the blogs posted by the staff.

Is this site simply going to become another "talk about the news" site? I am aware that articles are being written and that these take time, AND that the site is beta, but I would rather have conversations about occasional articles and some major news items than have the site just turn into "yet another news site" - there are plenty of others that do that..

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