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Video: Gesture input in the 1970s

Think gesture input on tablets is new? The video below proves otherwise. It is amusing to see how the storage media and display technology of the day struggle to keep up with the innovation here, but it is still extremely impressive.

It's a demo of a system used to document PCB and IC drawings from the 1970s. Goodness knows how much this beast cost in the day, but it is stated it cut certain jobs down from days to a couple of hours, so, given the expense of hiring engineers, it would have paid for itself in a reasonable amount of time I guess.

OK, the display itself here isn't touch sensitive, and modern displays that detect more than one point being touched is a significant development, but I honestly can't see how much more effective modern tech would be with this application.

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Dr Who 50th Anniversary

Whilst I am not the fan I once was, (in no small part because I have missed a lot of episodes and so tend to not like watching later episodes of anything that I have missed earlier material of), the Dr Who 50th anniversary episode is something I'm looking forward to.

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Sturmwind arrives at last!!!!!

Well after a long time (longer for many!!) Sturmwind arrived today. Certainly from the off- the hype around how this game looks seems to be well deserved - particularly when played through the VGA box. It isn't full screen - I guess the hardware - now getting on really - needs some help - but the borders are small - not really an issue.

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Japanese N64

Just took delivery of a Japanese N64. I've been putting this off for some time. The plan is to upgrade those PAL games that got butchered in PAL (M64, MK64, Pilotwings, Waverace64) and others that got some PAL optimisation but are still slower and it is significant (e.g. F Zero X).

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Middle aged gamer's collection #55-#58. Capcom 2D fighters on Dreamcast.

Street Fighter III 3rd StrikeStreet Fighter III 3rd StrikeStreet Fighter III 3rd Strike
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Marvel vs Capcom
Capcom vs SNK

I finished my last post my saying I would have a look at the 2d fighting games that Capcom put out for the Dreamcast so here we are. Fighting games then - they have been around for some time - I can remember Karate Champ in the arcades with it's 2 joystick control and it was a game I steered clear of after a few tries - my money wasn't going far and a kid on a budget had to be selective back in the day - I can remember watching quite a few games though. It's a genre I've always been in two minds about - I've been like a moth to a flame really. They attract me - but my level of skill is such that I get frustrated very quickly. I read reviewers laughing at the simplicity with which they can dispatch CPU controlled characters at the highest difficulty setting but I struggle at the default difficulty. I guess I'm too predictable - when I find a few moves I can execute I tend to stick to them and fighting game AI seems to be able to deal with this approach quite easily. Even a game as old as Street Fighter II Turbo on the SNES seems to be able to figure me out pretty quickly.

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Middle aged gamer's collection #53 & #54 - Gunbird 2 Sega Dreamcast, Raiden III PS2

Gunbird 2 (Dreamcast)Gunbird 2 (Dreamcast)I've typed this article up on an Apple laptop - and had to google to find out how to type the hash symbol. How lame is that? Jobs had some strange ideas about what people use - what was it with Java support in the iPhone/iPad default browser? Noone uses Java? What a load of rubbish.

Anyhow, it has been some time since I posted here on this subject (i.e. my far too big collection of games that I will never get around to playing to the level of commitment that the games probably deserve) and here are two I've been putting some time into recently and keep going back to - Gunbird 2 and Raiden III.

My last post in this blog was about a shmup (Darius Gaiden) and I make no apologies for following up with another two - because I'm going to rant a little bit about high scores again. Look at Darius Gaiden on the Sega Saturn - a lovely game that is tarnished because it doesn't save high scores (boo!)- taking a big chunk out of the reason to own it which is a crying shame as its an excellent shooter with a lot going for it. But a shmup with no high score is bordering on pointless. Gunbird 2 and Raiden III both do it right - though the OCD part of me thinks that Gunbird 2 could have gone a bit further with how it supports high scores.

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Ecstasy of order - Tetris documentary

Watched this on DVD this week and found it quite enjoyable. It does have a slightly parochial point of view - to say the winner is the world champion when clearly there are highly skilled tetris players in Japan who weren't involved does come across as a bit insular.

Well worth a watch though.

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Office Gaming Tourney

Ran a little Typing of the Dead competition in work today - it being Halloween and all that.

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Sturmwind - upcoming homebrew shmup for the Dreamcast

Just couldn't resist this. Looked at Dux for the DC but just didn't like the look of it - this is a different proposition entirely for me.

Six years in the making(!) and very late but I've taken a punt and I've pre-ordered...can't wait.


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SCART users' dream

For those of us in Europe with lots of older consoles to connect to a designated retro gaming TV, the fact that most CRTs only have 1 SCART socket that supports RGB is a pain. In Europe an RGB connection is the way to go - superior to s-video and also supports PAL60 for Dreamcast era on.

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