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Musing on "Meaningfulness" in CRPG's - Part 2:

Greetings all,

Last time, I carried on at some length about CRPGs versus MMORPGs, and how in Dungeons and Desktops author Matt Barton succeeded in, "...igniting my Nerd-Rage, burning with the fierceness and fury of a thousand suns." In my own roundabout, navel-contemplating way, I came to understand and grudgingly accept what he was saying about how MMORPGs have ursurped the title from CRPGs as "King of the Digital Hill" for, "fantasy-themed gameplay on a computer". (I can't bring myself to say that the MMORPG is "King of the Hill" as far as role-playing on a computer though. I'm sorry. I tried. But my fingers rebelled as I tried to type it out--I just can't do it. As evidenced from the stimulating back-and-forth in the comments, the classical "role-playing" aspect is minimal to non-existent in MMORPGs anyway.)

I know that last time, I stated that I would also discuss what would comprise "My Ultimate CRPG" here in Part 2. However there's just way too much material to cover in one blog post. So forgive me, but I shall have to save, "The FUN stuff!" for Part 3 of this blog-entry. Here in Part 2 of the blog-post, I'm going discuss two things, in (probably too much) detail:

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Musing on "Meaningfulness" in CRPG's - Part 1:

Greetings all,

I wrote this blog entry with a couple of key points stuck in my head, bouncing around in there and making a good bit of racket. Let me share them with you, so we have a common ground on which to begin:
 D&DDungeons & Desktops

(1) The subject of this blog posting was triggered by Matt Barton's wonderful book, Dungeons and Desktops. As I read it, I began pondering: What is the future of CRPG's, MMORPG's, and what do the individual games or sub-genres "Mean" to gamers?
(2) Let me make something very clear: Dungeons and Desktops is a great book. I'm not writing this to pick a fight or act disrepectfully towards the author. If you are looking for a troll or bash-fest, go soak your head.
(3) I'm trying to get a handle on some strong emotions his book stirred in me. I'm also trying to understand _why_ those emotions were so strong. This in turn got me pondering what makes a game "Meaningful" to me. Thinking through it all has been an interesting experience.

So, what happened?

Well, to begin with, I read Dungeons and Desktops. If you have not yet done so, please go order a copy right now. Here is a link to it on Amazon:

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