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We've been HACKED AGAIN!!!!

Fuck, we've been hacked by those asshole hackers again! If anyone knows how to stop this from happening, I'm all ears or just do it! keeps getting hacked! Even AFTER we changed everything! This does not bode well. I'm going to point away from the gateway page permanently. No wonder it's a ghost town on there.

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The FAQ has been created. I also added two new content items.

I created the starter FAQ text. Modify/add/delete away!

I also added a "Links" page and a "Merchandise and Special Offers" page. I'll try to get working on them soon.

I also added some "forum rules" in the discussion forums. Again, just to get something decent in there to start us out.

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General Comments - ALL Please Read and Comment on Each of the 11 Points as Applicable

Please, let's all discuss these and act on them where appropriate, or disagree or offer a different suggestion, as appropriate.

1 - I like "The Gurus of Gaming" that shows up after Armchair Arcade on top of browser windows. Good job thinking of that. The only criticism I can possibly make against the top logo banner as it is now with the logo and the arcade controls image is that it's perhaps a bit too long from top to bottom, but I'm not sure if that's adjustable. I'd like to see it about 15% shorter top-down, as right now it takes up a bit too much real estate for optimal reading purposes in my opinion.

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Just something to file away for potential future use and a heads-up on my current status...

Potential future use?:

My current status:
I'm still busy at my regular job. It looks like it will stay that way for a while. I'm just going to have to work around it.

I'm waiting to hear back from the publisher and/or my agent on the first advance payment for the first section of the book. I'll be continuing to plug away on that, still behind schedule for the rest of the book.

Not much progress as of yet on television and radio proposals sent out. I'll probably do some tests at home to see if I can do a semi-pro level 15-minute pilot for PBS with current equipment and help. (and thanks to Matt, I'll probably explore some of those grants in the not-too-distant future)

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Step-by-Step Outline

I think we should all hammer out a good outline of things that need doing, then we can put a timeline around it, perhaps giving a week or two between each goal to give us time to do other things, but still get it done in a reasonable amount of time. Here's something VERY rough. Please add to it, change it, etc. (this is total off-the-cuff, top-of-head stuff)

1 - Set menu items (meaning Home, Latest Issue, Blogs, Books, Store, Games, etc., whatever); In other words, what will the top and sub-level menus be as we see it right now

2 - Put up a Website design as a placeholder. Simple, simple, simple, but something that still reflects the look that we basically want. Perhaps we mock up a design first? This is step 2 after #1.

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Video Game Collector Magazine

These guys are a small outfit that I've seen on newsstands at Barnes and Noble, which seems like a haven for niche magazines. They just released a new issue:

I see these guys as basically accomplishing what I'd like to see us do at some point, and that's go legit to print, even if it's a quarterly thing. I'm still very much behind the online thing and all of our other plans, but I just KNOW there's a market out there that needs to be tapped.

For the hell of it, I'm going to inquire about writing for them. I want to see how they operate...

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Atari Employee #225

Read the last comment:

The guy doesn't seem to check out with the scam-ola e-mail address and poor writing skills, but you never know...

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Planet Muscle and the California Publisher

Hey, I'm always afraid of spam filters doing their dirty business, so let me know if you guys didn't get my two e-mails concerning the "Planet Muscle" exchange.

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Look and Feel of Neo

One thing that has been playing on my mind as I've been going to other Websites is that we must take great pains to make the look of the new Armchair Arcade as distinctive as possible. Blog/news sites are a dime a dozen and we must truly differentiate ourselves from them. Again, while the current Armchair Arcade is broken from a functionality standpoint, in its favor, to the outside world everything looks just about right as rain and it has a unique look that's not quite like anything else out there. We need something distinctive, bold and yes, still intuitive on Neo. I hope we all keep that in mind as we generate graphics and think about layout and content.

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My idea for the current (old) Armchair Arcade

If it hasn't been made clear before, I'd like to reiterate and open for discussion my thinking around the current (old) Armchair Arcade Website. I don't think it makes sense to convert any of the old stuff over to the new, save for some of the advertising/partnership stuff. Otherwise, we should leave the old stuff there with a link-back, somewhat similar to what is on Neo now up top. There are simply waaay too many links from countless external sources to specific pages on the old site that we'd immediately lose if it were shut down. When the new site is activated, the old site will be "frozen" from anything new on it, but will still have a persistent banner on top that will point to this new site. Maybe after x number of years we can do a full cut-over, but I'd HATE for us to waste any energy on converting old stuff over that is perfectly fine and stable as-is. We really need to work on kicking ass on the now, new and here.

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