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Ultima Week at GameTap - True RPG's Given Their Due

GameTap for PCGameTap for PCThe GameTap service is at it again, going all "vintage" this and "classic" that on us and simply requiring our undivided attention. Richard Garriott, Ultima, Origin, all things a classic gamer simply can't resist. Here's the full press release (and ignore the line "many hardcore gamers still consider Ultima 1 to be the birth of the role playing game as we know it" - Garriott's own "Akalabeth" (AKA "Ultima 0"), though primitive, would be more appropriate):

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Best of Armchair Arcade, Issues 1 - 8, Volume I, DISCUSSION

Best of Armchair Arcade
Issues 1 - 8, Volume I
(color cover, b&w interior, not to exceed ~100 pages)

(Rough Draft of Pages, in Order Follows)

Color Cover

Legal Page

Table of Contents

Issue 1 Cover

1 - A Treatise on Videogames
by Matthew D. Barton
2 - Atari - A Tale of Two Systems Part I: Atari 5200 and Atari 7800
by Bill Loguidice
3 - Game Packaging - A Look to the Past When Treasures Beyond the Game Were Within the Box

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VecVoxX Developer and 3D Imager for the GCE Vectrex Now Shipping from Pre-order

madtronix's Incredible New 3D Color Imager for GCE's Vectrex: {Image from the madtronix Website}madtronix's Incredible New 3D Color Imager for GCE's Vectrex: {Image from the madtronix Website}Great news! After countless months of waiting after pre-ordering and pre-paying at a veritable steal of a price, my VecVoxX Developer and 3D Imager are shipping for the GCE Vectrex, the only home vector-based videogame system ever released.

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Historical Thoughts on Computer and Videogame Collecting

Commodore's SuperPET: From the collection of Bill LoguidiceCommodore's SuperPET: From the collection of Bill LoguidiceIt was back on February 7, 2006, that Matt Barton and I collaborated again publicly for the first time since early 2005. Of course we were working together behind the scenes to kick-start Armchair Arcade's rebirth prior to that, but the now defunct Computer Collector Newsletter's 100th issue was where some of the more observant Armchair Arcadian's would first catch a glimpse of what was to come again. In the interest of historical preservation, I present what was eventually published in that newsletter's 100th issue, complete with edits and changes by newsletter editor, Evan Koblentz:

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Help Us Select Armchair Arcade's New Logo - Round 2 "Final"

06/28/2006 - UPDATE - LAST DAY IS THURSDAY, 06/29/2006, SO VOTE NOW!!!

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Full Text of 21 More Issues of Compute! (1979 - 1990)

Compute! MagazineCompute! MagazineGreat stuff on one of the true classic computer magazines: has added the full text of 21 more issues of Compute!
magazine: Fall 1979 (the first issue!), January 1981, February 1981, March
1981, April 1981, October 1981, December 1981, February 1982, June 1982,

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50 Worst Videogame Titles Ever?

What, no "Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension" for the Apple II?What, no "Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension" for the Apple II?Game Revolution has a new version of the traditional favorite article type online - the "best of" - in regards to "The 50 Worst Video Game Names of All Time". Of course you need to go into these things with an open mind, as "All Time" never really means that they covered every game for every system ever, but that doesn't make it any less fun to read. Can you think of some of your own worst titles that you've been exposed to over the years?

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GameTap Videogames on Demand and Sonic's 15th Anniversary

Sonic the Hedgehog - 15 Years OldSonic the Hedgehog - 15 Years OldI have to say, I'm getting more intrigued by GameTap every day, even if it is on the PC. Anyone who uses this service care to share their thoughts?

In any case, thanks to GrrlGamer for the heads-up on the following PRESS RELEASE:

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Definitive List of Arcade Games that Benefit from a 4-way Joystick

Thanks to the work of some gentlemen here, I was able to compile my own version of games that work best with a 4-way limit joystick under MAME. All-time personal favorites Pooyan (really a 2-way) and Satan's Hollow are of course on there...

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Hacking Robot Vacuums and other Thoughts on Personal Robotics

As a lifetime technophile primarily interested in computers and videogames, another area that has always intrigued me, but been generally hands-off due to the various barriers to entry, is home robotics. There were some delightful robots and kits in the early to mid-80's to go along with the personal computer boom. However, the personal robotics boom was short lived and ultimately a much smaller niche than even the fledgling personal computer business at the time, dooming them to the domain of the truly hardcore. Today, toy and personal robots and robot kits from the likes of Tomy and Heathkit are still very much in demand. Much more recently, Lego made a strong impact in the home robotics and hobbyist field with their Mindstorms technology and Radio Shack carries an aggressive line of kit robots and accessories. Bottom line, today hobbyist robotics is stronger than ever and more practical than ever, though is still awaiting that "killer app" to truly push it into the mainstream.

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