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Armchair Arcade Featured in Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine!

For all you frequent fliers out there, you might have noticed an article in the March 2011 issue of Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine entitled, Play it Again, Man!. It was written several months back (thank you, print lead time) by Jennifer Nalewicki under advisement from yours truly and my frequent partner-in-crime, Matt Barton. Besides mentioning us and Armchair Arcade, you'll also see a nod to our book, Vintage Games, in the header. While it's not a long piece, it's nice to see something targeted to mainstream audiences like Spirit Magazine is featuring positive videogame content. Check out the print version on your next Southwest Airlines flight or click here for the PDF or here for the decidedly less fun text-only version.

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Apple's Amazing Keynote - Revenge of the iPad!

Well, Apple did it, they actually lived up to the hype yet again. Steve Jobs coming out on stage and doing the presentation was a brilliant touch. No matter what you think of Jobs or Apple, good for him. As for the iPad 2, well, Apple didn't merely iterate slightly, they did actually make a true "2", no now all those silly rumors of an iPad 3 coming out in the fall can be put to rest. 1.3 pounds, THINNER than my iPhone 4, new A5 processor, improved graphics, dual cameras, available in black and white, AT&T and Verizon from day one, 10 hour battery life, $499 starting price (maxes out at $829 for 64GB with WiFi/3G), HDMI mirrored output up to 1080p, smart covers, etc. I think my hemming and hawing over what tablet to get was for naught as the decision has been made rather handily for me. Apple is just too far ahead of the competition at this point. Maybe that will change within a few years, but right now, all things considered, the iPad 2 is the only logical choice in tablets. It hits the US on March 11 and rolls out to 26 more countries on March 25. So, what do you guys think? Are you sold or do you think there will be better options in 2011?

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Any Motorola Atrix 4G/Android 2.2 users out there? Sound off!

Motorola Atrix 4G LapdockMotorola Atrix 4G LapdockI'll be able to reveal more details shortly, but I'll most likely be working on a Motorola Atrix 4G book very soon. As such, I'd love to hear from owners of the platform out there, including your good and bad experiences, what you think of the various docks - including the unique Lapdock that turns the phone into a laptop - etc. Since the phone runs Android 2.2, if you own a different device that runs that OS, I'd also love to hear about your experiences as well. Sound off in the comments below, or, if you'd prefer, send me a private e-mail. Thanks!

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Castle Wolfenstein Original Cover Art Painting Sells for $2,024.99 plus shipping

While we typically think of videogame and computer collecting as simply acquiring hardware, software and accessories, there are also the occasional cool one-of-a-kind items, like this original cover art painting for the legendary Castle Wolfenstein (featured in Chapter 2 of our book, Vintage Games), apparently created with alkyd oils. If I were rich, I'd definitely get into this kind of artwork collecting moreso than what is traditionally considered art collecting.

So I ask, if you had the financial resources, would this collecting of the more "cultural" aspects of videogames appeal to you as well?

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HP's webOS - The Ultimate Answer to iOS and Android/Honeycomb Mobile Domination?

HP webOS DevicesHP webOS DevicesAfter acquiring Palm back in April 2010, HP yesterday unveiled their long awaited webOS strategy. While the two showpiece devices are arguably the HP TouchPad tablet and the HP Pre3 smartphone, HP's strategy involves getting webOS on all types of devices, including desktops, laptops and even printers, and making the development environment inexpensive and relatively transparent. This should in theory create an explosion of apps for all webOS devices in short order, assuming there is reasonable positive reaction to an alternative to the headline-grabbing Apples iOS and Google Android/Honeycomb device infrastructure. Certainly HP and Palm seem to have gone all out, creating what is being called an attractive and effective operating system/interface and one with hitherto unseen connectivity features. One example of these impressive connectivity features is shown in the video below:

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Motorola's Xoom - A Missed Opportunity in Honeycomb Tablets

As I'm sure many of you have seen by now, Motorola's Xoom commercial during the Superbowl attracted quite a bit of attention. For those who don't know, Motorola's Xoom is one of the first tablets to run Google's Android operating system specifically designed for tablets, Honeycomb. Previously, Android tablets were running a version of the operating system optimized for smartphones, not tablets, so the release of a true Honeycomb device is big news in that it's the first real competition for Apple's dominant iPad. Anyway, the commercial is Motorola's send up of Apple's famous 1984 Superbowl ad, which pitted a free thinking Apple against the oppressive dictatorship of IBM. Of course, Apple got the competitor wrong. It wasn't IBM, it was Microsoft, and it almost cost Apple its business if not for an improbable comeback in mobile devices. Ironically, Motorola has similarly misidentified its true competition. It's not Apple, it's other Honeycomb tablets. Just like what happened in smartphones, where Android devices have overwhelmed the market with devices and risen to a position of leadership despite a somewhat fragmented marketplace and at-manufacturer-will upgrade paths, the same scenario is likely to play out in tablets, with Apple carving out a dominant - but not market leading - niche all to itself in the long-term. Priced at $800 with a bizarre requirement for a minimum of one month of 3G data to "unlock" wi-fi, Motorola has seemingly done everything to cripple its otherwise impressive device right out of the gate.

As I've discussed multiple times, I've been practically begging for a Honeycomb tablet to capture my techno-lust before the iPad 2 comes out, but if we're going to see efforts like this in what is already a late bloomer in things like tablet-specific apps and developer support, I'm becoming more and more pessimistic such a scenario will happen. In fact, if these Honeycomb tablets don't start coming out in reasonable quantity and at more attractive price points relatively soon, it will take even longer for them to wrest away Apple's 90% market share in the segment, and we may even be entertaining ideas of not what happened with Apple versus Google in the smartphone market, but what happened with Apple versus everyone else in the portable music player market.

Check out Motorola's Superbowl ad below:

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Videos of my Main Videogame and Computer Collection Storage Areas

As mentioned in the Panoramas of my Main Videogame and Computer Collection Storage Areas, I decided to also take video. Below are those videos, in obnoxious 1080p hi-def glory. The first video is just over 17 minutes long, and the second video is almost 15 minutes long. It's basically just me prattling on about this and that and about as dry as the worst of bad museum tours, but it's good to do these things every couple of years to see where everything is at. Hopefully two years from now I'll be even better organized and have leaned the collection out a bit.

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Panoramas of my Main Videogame and Computer Collection Storage Areas

Following Mark Vergeer's 360 degree tour of his game room back in December using 360 Panorama for his iPhone, I decided to finally give it a try myself on my own iPhone. It was awkward considering there is no good central place to stand and the lighting is not great, but I guess it gives some idea of what is going on. I think I'll follow this up with a guided video tour, since I'm long overdue for one anyway. Panoramas follow:

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ZX Spectrum to be Officially Relaunched in Honor of its 30th Anniversary in 2012!

Mock-up of ZX Spectrum Re-releaseMock-up of ZX Spectrum Re-releaseWell, this is great news for fans of retro computers. One of the most prolific original developers for the ZX Spectrum back in the day, Elite, will be reissuing the platform in honor of its 30th anniversary in 2012. Though little known outside of Europe, the ZX Spectrum was one of the most popular computers of the 1980s in the UK, rivaling the worldwide sales leader, the Commodore 64, for overall popularity. While there are few details about what form the new iteration of the computer will take - some say it will essentially just be a bluetooth keyboard for use with emulators - it's still a fascinating experiment in nostalgia, one we hope is successful so additional platforms might follow suit. If you're curious to learn more about the ZX Spectrum, our own Mark Vergeer has recently posted some videos (here and here) for your enjoyment.

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