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Three for the Road: Chromatron, Cobex, 7th Swarming of the Machines

Three for the Road
>> Dec. 5th, 2010: Chromatron, COBEX: Cruising on Broadway Extra, 7th Swarming of the Machines.

Welcome back to Three for the Road. This week we have another line up of quality indie titles for you to check out. One puzzle game which is reminiscent of one of my favorite Commodore 64 puzzlers, One maze game with it's roots entrenched in two of classic gamings greatest titles, and one experimental platformer that shows the industry what kind of fun can be had when you start breaking all the rules.

Check it all out here!

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Book release: "Commodore: a Company on the Edge"

I just received an email from Variant Press that Brian Bagnall's excellent book on the history of Commodore is being updated and re-released... Now entitled Commodore: A Company on the Edge, the book features fifteen additional interviews, dozens of period photographs, and is presented in a chronological format with even more first-hand stories.

If you didn't get this book the first time 'round you should definitely consider picking it up now. This book beautifully captures the amazing history of a company that, I'm sure, touched the lives of most readers here.. and it's all told by the people who made it happen. I've read the original multiple times and I personally can't wait to get my mitts on this update.

They are offering signed author copies of the book a month before it hit's Amazon and Barnes & Noble at the publishers website at a cost of $29.95 (USD).


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Quick Peeks: Space Chunks II: Lair of the Chunk Lords [BETA]

Quick Peeks
·  · ·· Quick Peeks: Space Chunks 2 ·· ·  ·

Welcome to another Quick Peeks.. This week I'm taking a look at a free form arena shooter created by George Thornton. This game has it all: Great graphics, weapon upgrades, power-ups, enemies, boss battles, wingmen, commendations, promotions and much more.

Drop in an see what all of the fuss is about.

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Three for the Road: Packin' Plax, Big Box of Blox and BlockOut 8k

Three for the Road
·  · ·· November 28st, 2010: Big Box of Blox, BlockOut 8k and Packin' Plax ·· ·  ·

Welcome back to Three for the Road. So I've been sitting here this morning lounging to some Richard Cheese and trying to figure out what we should take a look at. So far we've covered quite a few platformers and shoot'em up's but we haven't checked out that many puzzlers...

So that's just what we're going to do this week.

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Quick Peeks: The Soul of Dracula

Three for the Road
·  · ·· Quick Peeks: The Soul of Dracula ·· ·  ·

It's Wednesday... And that can mean only one thing.. Ok, maybe not just one, but it _is_ time to take a Quick Peek at a title that will help you muddle through you tryptophan induced stupor this Thanksgiving.

This week we are taking a look at an indie title that pays homage to one of gaming's classic platformers. So before you fall asleep on the couch, pop on in and check out The Soul of Dracula...

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Three for the Road: Knytt, Frogatto & Friends, and Digital: A Love Story

Three for the Road
·  · ·· November 21st, 2010: Knytt, Frogatto & Friends, and Digital: A Love Story ·· ·  ·

Another week and another three great freeware games for you to check out. A couple of them are even cross platform, so you Mac and Linux folks can also have a go. This week I've included two great 2D platformers into the mix and the third game is an exceptional work of interactive fiction created by Christine Love which explores topics oft not explored in many games.

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The Games Factory 2 ( Edition) Free!

Clickteam and NewGrounds partner to provide a free version of The Games Factory 2. The free version will only export .SWF files for play on NewGrounds but it's still a good (read: free) way to learn the game creation platform... _and_ it can be upgraded to the registered version which allows for the creation of a full distribution version of the game.

No doubt, they are giving you a free tool to basically benefit them.. but if you were on the fence about buying TGF2 then this is still a good way to try before you buy.

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Quick Peeks: The Hoard

Three for the Road
·  · ·· Quick Peeks: The Hordes ·· ·  ·

The HordesI've been on a shooter kick recently so today we will be checking out a fun freeware shoot'em up called The Hordes. This particular game was created in the classic shoot'em up style and has a fairly linear stage progression with deceptively difficult game play.

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Three for the Road: Maze of Space, Death Worm, Crystal Hammer.

Three for the Road
·  · ·· November 14th, 2010: Crystal Hammer, Death Worm, and Maze of Space ·· ·  ·

We are back with another edition of Three for the Road. I had a lot of fun cobbling this edition together this week. Instead of just reviewing indie and homebrew titles, I started to investigate some older software for computers and consoles. Many of these titles were once commercial but have since been religated to abandonware status due to their IP holder being a dissolved company.. or the author just not enforcing his/her copyright due to the age of the software and the inaccessibility of the parent platform. That said, they're easy to find with a simple Google search.

Anyway, let's get to the games...

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Quick Peeks: Ten Ten [Vic-20]

Three for the Road
·  · ·· Quick Peeks: Ten Ten Duality [Vic-20] ·· ·  ·

Ten Ten DualityIn keeping with yesterday's theme of covering indie titles for retro systems, I present to you: Ten Ten Duality. This game also has a few things in common with one of my previously featured Three for the Road titles.

Let's take a closer look at this great little game that almost slipped the radar.

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