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Quick Peeks: 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs

Quick Peeks[ JAN . 04 . 2011 ]
1,000 Kung-Fu ManiacsIt's just amazing that we can still be reviewing new Commodore 64 releases in this day and age.. and there's nothing wrong with that. You guys know that I always like to give these games a shout-out because they are getting fewer and far between. They also tend to get buried under the mass of new titles for current systems. Also, who wouldn't want some new games to play on this nearly thirty year old beast. :-)

So, today we were contacted by Shoot'em-Up Construction Kit (S.E.U.C.K) king extraordinaire, Alf Yngve, about his latest S.E.U.C.K. game release over at Psytronik Software.

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Three for the Road: January 2nd, 2011.

Three for the Road[ JAN . 02 . 2011 ]

Welcome back folks. I hope everyone had a great New Years! You may have noticed that we skipped last weeks Quick Peeks segment, and that's simply due to things being fairly hectic around here... Add to that, I'm also working on getting my Armchair Arcade Radio segment finished up.

Anyway, we've got a great selection of games lined up for today. First up is a remake of one of the first real-time 3D games for an 8-bit system. Second, a remake of an early split genre action game with a Halloween theme. Lastly, a curtain fire shoot'em with a resemblance to the great Touhou shooters by ZUN.

Read more here.

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Three for the Road: December 26th, 2010.

Three for the Road[ DEC . 26 . 2010 ]
This week I bring you three great classic game remakes for the PC. First up is the classic Commodore 64/Spectrum shoot'em up/platformer Exolon. Secondly, the very odd Pickford Bro's platformer Zub. Lastly, a remake of the old Commodore 64 shooter Falcon Patrol.

Read more here.

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Quick Peeks: F-1 Spirit: The way to Formula-1

Quick Peeks[ DEC . 22 . 2010 ]
 The Way to Formula-1Way back in the golden age of video games, the humble racing game was nary more then a line on either side of the screen with an amorphous blob in the center to denote your "car". And you know what? It was damn fun to play.

In the ensuing years, the genre pulled itself up by it's proverbial boot straps, dusted itself off and started down the road (pun intended) to refinement... Adding better graphics, physics based handling, simulating realistic weather and track conditions and emulating the driving behavior of famous drivers.

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Three for the Road: December 19th, 2010.

Three for the Road[ DEC . 19 . 2010 ]
This week we have three more indie games for you to check out. An insane ball and paddle game, an on-rails shooter and a "Collect'em Up".

Read more here.

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Quick Peeks: Robotz DX

Quick Peeks[ DEC . 15 . 2010 ]
Robotz DXToday we are going to take a look at a remake of the Atari ST classic; Robotz. While not being a 1:1 port of the original game, it does a fine job of translating what made the original so much fun to play.

In fact, the game actually plays a bit faster and has more of a frantic pace than the original.. which is fine in my book.

Click here to read more..

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Three for the Road: December 12th, 2010.

Three for the Road[ DEC . 12 . 2010 ]
Greetings folks. This Sunday I've got a great selection of titles for you to check out. We will take a look at Stu and Smila's new retro Commodore 64 style platform game, Kot-in-Action's new episodic top-down shoot'em-up and Uglysoft's new off-the-wall take on J-RPG's.

This is not one to be missed, so stop on by.

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Crystal Hammer PC version found.

A while back I showcased a fun Arkanoid clone by the name of Crystal Hammer by reLINE software for the Commodore Amiga.

I had read that this game was released for platforms other than the Amiga, but I had never come across any in my travels. Well.. official ports of the game, that is- There are a few rather bad indie versions of the game available on the PC which I won't go into.

Yesterday, I was perusing one of my favorite classic gaming torrent communities and came across a European release of Crystal Hammer for the PC. I'm guessing that this was an EU exclusive release since I've never come across it in the states.

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Quick Peeks: Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle [C64]

Quick Peeks
>> Quick Peeks: Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle [C64]

This week we are taking a look at Inside's [Portuguese Link] oddly entertaining (not to mention, odd) platformer for the Commodore 64: Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle.

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Released: Commodore Free Magazine Issue 46

The November/December edition of Commodore Free Magazine has been released.

This issue includes: A look at the upcoming C64 title 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs!, a review of the MCC-216, the Joyport switcher, Links to videos from CommVEx v6 and much.. much more.

Download the latest issue here.

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