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reliving the past-TOEE

All this talk of great old RPG's and such, and my silly atempts to replay games I have already played I decieded to play one I hadnt. I picked of TOEE off GOG (I'm almost sure I already bought it someplace else, but I cant find it). So after about 4 hours my first thoughts.. warning, not all good. keep in mind I havent played this one.

First Console Pre-order since the PSone days

Im not a huge console fan, I play them, and buy far to many games for them. I havent preordered a new game for a console in years, i believe the last was a FF game for the PSone. Recently I ordered a game I MUST HAVE Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon.

GAMEBOX-first look

My gamebox arrived a few days ago and I fnally got to take a look. It was shipped from Hong Kong and arrived in its orginal packagewrapped in a bubble envelope. Not the best packageing, but it arrived looking great. The box has cardboard deviders to keep the pieces in place.

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