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My BEST Videos so far! Sega CDX and Coleco USB cart!

Check it out, I'm very happy with these, especially the two part look at the ColecoVision USB 128-in-1 multicart! Let me know what you think guys, thanks!

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A look at GP2X........

Here we have a brief look at the GP2x handheld. I show the packaging, what is included and talk a bit about the unit. Just a little too long so a 2nd part will be added very soon. Not a comprehensive demonstration but more a quick look to bring it to the attention of people who might not be aware of this cool little handheld.

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MaximumRD BRAND NEW INTRO. Let me know what you think!

My first attempt at a REAL intro for all future MaximumRD videos. Hope you like it (Be gentle, I am no expert at this stuff LOL!)

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My video about ZAP! Classic Gaming Newletter

My latest video in support of my friend TER who runs the ZAP online Classic Gaming website and forums and who was the creator of the ZAP! Fanzine back in the early 90's.

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MaximumRD immortalized in actual Colecovision ROM!!!!

OK, too cool! MY friend Daniel Bienvenu aka newcoleco who I narrated the video for his Colecovision project has followed up my leed on making a Shout Out video to thank his subscribers.

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Hey guys! I got 4 new videos up, Unboxing 2 part video and more...

Hello everyone! I JUST UPLOADED 4 new videos! My wife has been away and I used the time wisely, to supply you and my subscribers with more retro Computing and Gaming fun! Includes a short promo showcasing some of my systems, an 2 part unboxing vid of Atari and Commodore computers and a Shout Out to all my current subscribers!

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MaximumRD Intellivoice Videos Prts. II AND III now up!

Hey guys, after a couple months (damn lack of time) here finally I present MaximumRD's Intellivoice parts II AND III!

That's right, ended up being three parts total but since it had been a couple month since the first and some subscribers had been waiting I decided to keep quiet until both were uploaded and ready to go LOL!

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Special ColecoVision Project - Secret 1

Check it out! Daniel Bienvenu contacted me to narrate a video for his latest COLECOVISION project. He is a homebrew programmer deeply involved in programming new titles for the classic Colecovision system. This title will be worked on throughout 2009 and hopefully debut sometime in 2010! Here is the resulting video, it is just one of a series of sneak peek teaser videos to get the word out on this exciting new project for Colecovision enthusiasts!

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Getting my 1st retro computers! Atari 800XL amd 64C YES!!!!!

Yes! I will be getting my first Atari computer, I grew up a Commodore kid so I never experienced the "other side of the tracks" so to speak lol! Just picked up a 800XL with PSU/Joystick and Dig Dug cart, looking forward to joining the wonderful world of ATARI! Also on the way is one of the C64 models the Commodore 64C! You can bet unboxing videos will follow!

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My video of the Intellivoice module and Games Prt. 1

MaximumRd look at Intellivoice and Games Prt. 1

Just uploaded! As always please look and comment and rating greatly appreciated!

MaximumRd looks at Intellivoice and Games Prt. 1

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