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Xbox and Coverdisks, etc.

I was going through a box while doing some organizing that has my Modded XBOX as well as tons of Coverdisks. Having recently watched the GameNexus Microsoft Xbox Game Collection, I figured I might as well make this video showing my collection--no original retail games but TONS of Coverdisks/Demos, etc.

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CD32 and AMIGA Coverdisks

Here is a look at my Commodore software collection (AMIGA/CD32/CDTV) that I was just going through and decided to make a video about. I talk about some of the disks as well as touch on Amiga Emulation and just basically chat about related stuff.

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Free BENEATH THE STEEL SKY adventure game.

I just came across this, don't know how long it has been or will remain available but I figured a great free game from a great site there is no better time to check it out/sign up. I did a video to let my Youtube subscribers know but they are doing site maintenance right now DOH! Thought I would fill you guys in to! Below my original post/info (On my Facebook group)

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My Impersonations........

Well, I wasn't going to post this since it isn't videogame related but it's gotten good response/comments so here you go......
First couple aren't that great but go to around 3:50 to hear my impersonation of Kermit the Frog............

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Retro DVD Collection

Well of course my retro and classic gaming interests extends to other media, such as my CD/DVD collection. Thought it might be interesting to throw this video together and show some of my collection. Maybe of interests, maybe not but what the heck, consider this a space filler video. Thanks for watching and as always love your comments, replies and feedback!

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Just Sayin 1

FYI: Matt, you gave me an idea and I ran with it. I feel you will appreciate this especially around 2min 35 sec mark. THANKS!

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A video look at the Commodore Amiga CD32

From Oldschoolgamer: A video look, below, at the Commodore CD32 Console. This was a somewhat obscure and unsuccessful console despite actually being an Amiga 1200 computer at heart. Actually, this was the first true standalone 32-bit CD gaming console, but was let down once again by Commodore's lack of marketing and third party inability to take advantage of its capabilities!

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3DO Light Gun Modification and CD-i Unboxing Videos

Courtesy of MaximumRD, check below to read about and see his modification of a 3DO light gun and unboxing of one of the Philips CD-i models:

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Congratulate OR Weep for me! Soon to be CDi OWNER!

Just closed a deal on a sweet CDi package including:

- Digital Video Cartridge
- Controller (Gamepad type controller NOT remote)
- Hookups
- Gun
- book of CD-i backups (also left a few Jag CD discs in there...who knows,
maybe someday you'll get a Jag CD and need games right?)
- 9 DVDR set is iso's
- 11 original game discs (8 titles total + 3 dupes) marked as demo discs,

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