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MaxRD's Testing Namco TV Games- Ms. Pac-Man Collection unit.

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Make it stop!!!!

OK first of all where did this come form all of a sudden?
Secondly, I cannot afford yet another open source handheld already!

GamePark's GP2X Caanoo handheld hits this August, picks up where the Wiz left off.

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I will be reviewing a prototype of the ColecoVision Ultimate SD Cartridge!

First, if your wondering "Huh? Why the heck is HE reviewing it?" don't worry I am not offended as I just
found out last night and am pretty shocked myself lol! That said, there is some reasoning behind it, if
you check out the the ATARIMAX website and go to the USB 128in1 Colecovision Multi Cart page, a little

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Unboxing a new addition, this is a cool one!

Unboxing a real sweet deal this time. I got this from Shawn Sr. of Atariage forums!

If you are an oldschool or retro gaming fan (I assume you are if you are subscribed to me lol!) you no doubt are aware of ATARIAGE but if not then what are you waiting for? Go check it out now! Join the FORUMS!

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My 2 Part Harmony Cart video!

PART 1: Note, the captured gameplay is dark in part one but still gets the idea across, the second video though I demo many more games and turned up the video brightness during editing!

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Walter Day retires from Twin Galaxies / Our Day with Walter

Sorry if this is not news to anyone, I tend to fall behind but this is new to me. This is not my vid and I take credit for nothing, just passing on the news and this interesting video interview.

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GameFan Magazine and Controversy!

This episode all about GameFan magazine, a cool glossy videogame publication that unfortunately was the source of some controversy back in the day. Find out the details in the video and as always please comment, rate, subscribe and send friend requests!

Magazine info and history:

The GameFan controversy: and

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Data Age Mindscape FlexiDisc - Woah! Trippy man!

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