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Free Survival Horror Game for PC and MAC !

The game is short but I hear it is pretty damn creepy and Survival Horror is my favorite genre so I am sharing the news I just heard with you all.

It's called Slender, some details HERE:

UPDATE: original links were removed SO I personally archived (WinRar) and uploaded the PC version for those interested:
Sorry cannot help with MAC version.

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A couple thoughts, because I refuse to "twitter" on Walking Dead FPS and Flashcarts defense....

Ok, I had a couple thoughts just shaking aorund my head and I just refuse to do the "twitter" thing (yep I am a stubborn old fogy, GET OFF MY LAWN!)

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David Crane on PITFALL 3 !

Hey guys, just noticed a new member over at Atariage and thought you would all be interested as it is the man and legend himself DAVID CRANE
sharing his thoughts on Pitfall 3 ! Best ever 1st post lol!

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Alice: Madness Returns is only $6, today only, on Steam! 28/05/2012

Just thought I should mention, I don't DO the Twitter thang so I mention it here:

Alice: Madness Returns is only $6, today only, on Steam!

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Do you care about Backward compatibility? Your thoughts, give them to me!

JUST A THOUGHT: How many of you care about Backwards compatibility?

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Pretty easy fix: DREAMCAST pot adjustment (DISC READ ERROR FIX)

SKIP DIRECTLY TO 15 MINUTES in. I cover some other issues and details but it's your call, Don't bitch about a long video just skip ahead or suffer !!!!!!!

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3 DREAMCAST's inside & out, do YOU have an rev 0?.

I was curious after reading a post by daytonausa on a couple forums if
I to had a Rev0 DREAMCAST. These are the first run of Dreamcast that had
metal fans / heat-sink and metal cooling pipes! These are made of sturdier

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