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JXD s7300b upgrading to xSampleSkelromv2

Since this video I have already "UPDATED" to the latest xSampleSkelromv3.0 !
NOTE: I do NOT support such devices, answer questions or make your decisions on if it is worth buying, THAT IS FOR YOU TO DECIDE! I decided by watching MobileDecays videos on the device:
AND BY RESEARCHING, ASKING QUESTIONS and LEARNING over on the s7300 (JXD Decvices) Threads over at the Dingoonity forums, the developers of the custom ROMS hang out there. Check it out to see if flashing the device, tweaking, optimizing is something you are willing to do and try for yourself and if you have any questions POST THEM THERE!

I personally like to tweak/tinker/flash roms etc, If that sounds intimidating at all then do yourself a favour and buy a local brand of supported device like the Google Nexus 7.

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My Cheap Chinese Tablet - Unboxing the JXD s7300b (Video)

Not a review, just unpacking the JXD s7300, a quick look, no demonstration really, just showing what I received from LighTake in China (thanks for the link, Bill!), and just a few thoughts regarding such devices.

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I nominated Mark and Matt

A fellow Youtuber is having a 1000th subscriber contest. You must name 5 OTHER fellow youtubers that you enjoy and so:


Check out and respond to original video HERE:

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Kickstarter for another handheld / emulation gaming device, BUT WAIT!

I too thought here we go yet ANOTHER handheld portable emulation gaming device! YAWN, Well I don't blame you, that was
my initial reaction as well BUT I have been following this one since Qberaddict1 got a Beta unit and has been doing videos on itm each video got me more and more interested, not an ANDROID device just a pure dedicated emulation and classic gaming handheld which again is nothing new in itself
except I really think that this one might actually hit the magic sweet spot balance between PRICE / FEATURES / PERFORMANCE, because I know there are some good developers already working on it, a lot of well performing emulation has already appeared and they are still being optimized and updated even now. Take it from me as someone who was very skeptical of the recent NEO GEO X as being nothing but a cash in by SNK by licensing a cheap Dingoo like device (this being even truer that I guessed as the device gets disassembled and hacked) to one who has not been impressed by offerings from Sega / SNK and don't even get me started on all the cruddy NES on a chip clones, I have been very impressed with everything I have seen and heard thus far when it comes to the GCW ZERO. Now I know this community, been here long enough so I will pretty much leave it at that, I leave it to you to watch the video and check out the kickstarter info HERE:

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Do you have funny, odd or weird Classic gaming stories?

Here I give you an example of a memory I have about an odd / weird thing that happened to me back in the day. It was a strange thing that involved Classic Gaming and so I thought this would be a cool tag. As always, OPEN TAG all are welcome. Please leave a comment or even better a video response and tell me any WEIRD / ODD / STRANGE or FUNNY Classic Gaming Stories! Thanks to all who participate, it's just for fun! Please comment, rate and share !

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Just a flashback to when I reached 100 subscribers 3 years ago!

Just for fun here is a flashback, this is the video when I reached my 100 subscribers ! I was so happy! Today I have 2842 subscribers a thought that would have blown my mind when I made this. It reminded me of the things I was into then and still appreciate! I think this may of been my first shout out on youtube to Matt Barton / Matt chat. Thanks for the support everyone !

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Unboxing the TurboEverdrive !

Unboxing the TurboEverdrive !

UPDATED DETAILS AND INFO: My total cost shipped from Stonagegamer to my location in CANADA: TurboEverdrive (Board only but with protective sleeve) $79.99 PLUS shipping and handling $4.88 Total cost shipped: $84.87 USD. Also, the Business card I pointed out in the video on the box was in fact a lovely fridge magnet!

Yeah, I don't normally tell you up front what it is but many of you knew already I was expecting this AND I wanted to be sure all those interested would tune in. As well, I need to give you guys certain links and info that would have given it away anyways lol. Recevied today after just having visitors stay with us, it could not have come at a worse time as I will be busy all this week with vacation and going places as well as more family visiting next weeked, I was not even going to do the unboxing yet but I could not wait so I ran down the hall to find a quiet place and do this quick unboxing video just for you guys before everything gets to busy and crazy! For this reason no testing or demonstration videos for AT LEAST another week but they will come eventually so if your interested in seeing a certain PCengine or TurboGrafix game demonstrated (that is regular card games this does NOT support CDgames) let me know in coments and I will see what I can do for you!

Interested in ANY Everdrives? SNES/N64/Genesis/TG16/Sega Master system etc? THEN GET YOUR ASS ON Assembler forums! The developer himself and main distributors hang there, any question on use, problems, availability are all posted and discussed there FIRST!

Places to buy from Well basicly you got Stoneage gamer who offers complete packages
from basic to deleuxe including various options:

Or you have basic options from the developer himself:
Also the Retrogate Store!

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VC 314 Raspberry PI in a Commodore 64

Not mine but damn this is cool. I have not looked into the Raspberry Pi much but this video caught my eye.

Original video description:

Published on Jul 6, 2012 by Retrotext

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My first Vader (2600) unboxing!

Feel free to comment and correct me lol, I was pretty hyper / excited so I am sure I made mistakes!

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