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Coleco resurrected?

Could this be the product Coleco has been talking about for a while? I hope not, but until a unit is issued that includes real Coleco games it will have to do.


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One Chip MSX

I don't think this has been posted here yet, so here goes. For those that were fans of the old MSX computers, this promises to be something that will help recreate that old MSX magic.


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Classic Console Modification Services

Odyssey2Odyssey2For those of us that love playing old classic consoles, but have moved on to newer monitors and TV's with video inputs, this site is for you: http://www.vikingvideogames.com. They offer modification services for most older consoles (in addition to other services). A few people on a ColecoVision forum I frequent have upgraded their CV consoles and say the work and results are very good.

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