News Item: : New Armchair Arcade Website is now Live!
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Posted by Bill Loguidice
Friday 19 May 2006 - 15:31:45

All Armchair Arcade Members:

Since the beta test was going so well, we decided to switch everyone over to the new Website early. While we still have lots of work to do, we wanted to get everyone over and discussing things as soon as possible. While we have forums on this new platform, we really think a better way is discussing things directly with the "blog" entries, so give it a try. We'll be tweaking things as time goes on and look forward to creating new articles and print issues very soon.

Please note that the old Website is still there and accessible via the "Armchair Arcade Classic" link. We haven't locked the old site as read only yet and hopefully we won't have to as we'd like to conduct all new business going forward on the new setup. Make yourself heard and have fun!


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