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Game System Matrix
System Ranking Matrix - Technical Statistics and Ratings for U.S. Game Capable Systems

System Ranking Matrix by Bill Loguidice. Application development by Don Ferren.
[ Linked from "A Reader's Guide to the System Ranking Matrix" ]

The facts in the matrix represent what the standard or majority game-related settings are for a particular system. For instance, a system may support 128 colors, but in reality nearly all games utilized 32 colors, so 32 colors will be the number given. In addition, certain values are rounded for consistency.

In contrast to the objectivity of the facts, the Armchair Arcade (AA) ratings are subjective and generally in relative comparison to each other and specifically to other systems of their generation. While one system may have better technical specifications on paper than another, in real world observations that consider multiple factors, the technically weaker system may better it. Scores higher than 10 are allowed only where necessary, like AA - Visuals and AA - Audio, as are scores lower than 1.

* Indicates dominant game system in popularity for its era and class.

NOTE: The functionality to add your own comments and ratings will be added back in soon, as well as an all new set of photos.

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