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 Retro League 'Best Of' about to start this weekend...

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Thu Nov 30 2006, 03:03AM Quote
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Due to popular demand and a need to work around the upcoming holidays, the Retro League has decided to play a short 'Best Of' season starting this Sunday, 03/12/06.

In a change from the usual system, in each of the 5 weeks we will be playing a game from a previous season as voted for by YOU, the players. In Week 1 we will play a game from Season 1, in Week 2 a game from Season 2 and so on.
In the event you wish to participate, please head over to www.retroleague.co.uk and cast your votes now - voting closes at 12:00 noon on Sunday 03/12/06.

We will also be trialling a new scoring system. The old tried and tested formula will still be in place, but we'll be running another side by side which includes a level multiplier - this will reward game progress as opposed to hanging around low levels gathering easy points. If this shows significant benefits over the old system, it will be adopted as the standard for subsequent seasons.

As a final addition, as we'll know which games are being played in advance of the season starting, I will also be running a concurrent 'Master League'. The Master League will allow scores to be entered for ANY of the 5 selected games at any time during the 5 week season, with a victor declared at the end. This will allow players to concentrate on games they prefer, but will eat into the time they have available for less favoured games

Make your gameplay count: Vote at www.retroleague.co.uk
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