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Guidelines for Authors

Armchair Arcade, Inc.
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Guidelines for Authors

Armchair Arcade is a regularly published, peer-reviewed online magazine designed to appeal primarily to those readers interested in electronic gaming and computer history, reviews and analysis. Articles should be geared to this audience. Electronic gaming, for the purposes of Armchair Arcade, is described as gaming within all facets of technology, but specifically that found within computers, videogames, handhelds and arcades. The editors are most interested in articles that have topics or angles that are not generally covered in other online and print publications.

Authors will be notified of any recommended revisions. Routine editorial changes will be made to conform to Armchair Arcade style, and edited submissions will be sent to the author for final review before publication.

1. What kind of articles do you publish at Armchair Arcade?

We are interested in thoughtful, well-researched articles involving all facets of electronic gaming. We are especially interested in the social and technological aspects of electronic gaming and computers, and do not limit ourselves strictly to arcade games, videogames, computer games or any other specifics on any particular platform. Our goal is not simply to mimic what has been or is currently available elsewhere, but to provide unique insights and angles - even if the topics are familiar - such as in the case of game reviews.

Armchair Arcade is founded on the idea that the subject of electronic gaming and computers deserves deeper and more interesting articles than what is generally available in either print or online environments.

2. How do I submit articles for publication in Armchair Arcade?

Before you send us your article, you will need to use the “Submissions” form on the main page-Main Menu area of the Website, which includes further instructions. This query should tell precisely what your article is about and give your qualifications, if any (you need not be a formerly published author to work with us), under “Special Notes”. If the idea seems appropriate for Armchair Arcade, we will ask you to submit the entire article.

Please be advised that while we value good content, we also ask for good writing. Please take the time to thoroughly proofread your articles. Also, if you use quotations from books or interviews, or screenshots from games, etc., please acknowledge these borrowings. If we find that you have copied/pasted content from another site or source without acknowledging it, your work will be rejected. If there is an issue with permissions or rights to copyright materials, we will work with you as necessary to get the proper legal authorization(s).

Once your article is accepted, we will forward it to our review board. Members of this board will verify your information and possibly offer tips to help improve the article.

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