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PC Mag top 100 award.
About Armchair Arcade
Founded in September 2003, Armchair Arcade is a unique classic and modern computer and videogame publication that fosters community. Quality freelance articles and artwork are always welcome; please use our Submissions form. To submit product or materials for review, or to donate hardware or software, please contact your closest Armchair Arcade editor.

Armchair Arcade Staff:

Bill Loguidice, Co-Founder and Editor
Location: Hamilton, New Jersey, USA
Websites: http://www.billandchristina.com
E-mail: bill@armchairarcade.com

Matt Barton, Co-Founder and Editor
Location: St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA
Websites: http://www.mattbarton.net
E-mail: matt@armchairarcade.com

David Torre, Editor
Location: Riverside, California, USA
E-mail: (audible)

Mat Tschirgi, Editor
Location: Savannah, Georgia, USA
Website: http://www.mathewtschirgi.com
E-mail: mat@armchairarcade.com

Mark Vergeer, Editor
Location: Leiden, Netherlands, Europe
Website: http://www.markvergeer.nl
E-mail: mark@armchairarcade.com

Cecil Casey, Editor
Location: Pismo Beach, California, USA
E-mail: cecil@armchairarcade.com

Since our first issue in late January 2004, Armchair Arcade has reached hundreds of thousands of unique visitors, with millions of clicks. Our growth continues at a brisk pace. Armchair Arcade has received international recognition through coverage at popular online destinations that include Slashdot, AtariAge, Discovery Channel, Digital Press, ClassicGaming.com, Old-Computers.com, Insert Credit and Slate. Armchair Arcade has also been featured in newspapers like The Mercury News and Las Vegas Review-Journal and on popular broadcast and Internet radio shows such as Danmarks National Radio, RetroGaming Radio and GAMERadio. Finally, we were honored to be listed as one of PC Magazine's "Best 100 Web Sites" in 2005.

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