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Sony releases PS3 launch details at E3!
So far the developer studio titles look run of the mill. Unless you make a notable exception for the stunning graphics in the demo of Gran Turismo HD, can you say full rate 1080p graphics in real time? Compared to that most of the other games were slightly upgraded versions of the same old PS2 titles.

EA managed to buy a slot in the show to plug their 200X versions of the cash cow sports games. Yes they now can move with out spinning in circles. But otherwise they are just another Madden.

Both Final Fantasy XIII, and Metal Gear Solid 4 looked visually stunning, but once again it looked like rendered non-interactive video clips on display.

Of note they showed off the new PS3 controller, and surprise, the controller will be motion sensitive in x,y, and z axis. So now leaning into the corners may actually be useful. Is this why Nintendo did not want to let the controller cat out of the bag so soon? But it is official, the PS3 controller will be motion aware. Lets just say the couch potato crowd will be getting to exercise more than their thumbs soon.

Now for the big news, launch details have been announced! The PS3 will come in two versions. A base system will include a 20Gb hard drive. The optional system is the same but with a 60gb hard drive.

So here are the facts:

Japan launch date will be Nov. 11 2006 with the 20gb unit selling for 59800 yen, and the 60gb unit selling at market prices.

United States launch date will be Nov. 17 2006 with the 20gb unit selling for 9.00 and the 60gb unit selling for 9.00. The same date will also be valid for the folk in Canada, but plan on the prices being 0cdn more.

Finally we come to the EU launch. This will also be on Nov. 17 2006 with the 20gb system going for 499 euro with vat included, and 599 euro with vat included.

Sony states that there will be 2 million units available at launch time, but no word on how they will be split between the launch areas. Furthermore they state that by their year end on Mar. 31 2007 that there will be 6 million units available.

So start saving kids. The wars have begun.
Posted by crcasey on Monday 08 May 2006 - 22:01:52 | Read/Post Comment: 0 | email to someone printer friendly

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