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New ATARI 2600 mod / themed case
Russ Casliss has informed us about his new TRON-style Atari Flashback 2-case mod themed after the classic 80's movie TRON. The mod has a cartridge port so playing games from cartridges is a possibility. You can see pictures of it and even look at a brief "making-of" section at his website, click on "Mods" then "TRON 2600".

Personal Note: Make sure to check out The Falcon pc-modification, which is very nice!
Posted by Mark1970

Posted by Mark1970 on Monday 15 May 2006 - 02:47:56 | Read/Post Comment: 1 | email to someone printer friendly
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bullet Mark1970 | 15 May : 17:06

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I wonder if this will work with PAL flashback machines too?

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